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I will be willing to participate in paying a monthly fee but I have a question…how much money does this town take in to not have them without the payment of people who just enjoy the pleasure of seeing the GB city streets remembering all the great times they had in the town.I have been coming to GB since 2009 and since the first I knew that is where I was going to retire.The web cams gave me a sense that I can be there even when I can’t.I think there are some of us that truly love Gatlinburg and the Smokies, eventhough we may not live there.We just left Gatlinburg yesterday and I was telling my wife that it’s obvious the economy isnt that good yet because the people that originally had the money to invest in the cameras, no longer do.

And as you stated we have created this list for the sheer convenience of having all the cams listed in one place.

Hello Lorie Glad to hear that you appreciate our list of web cams.

We are pleased also that you noticed all of the Gatlinburg webcams have different URL’S than our own GSMVRO site.

If we get enough response we will look into this scenario further. I love to be able to watch for when it is snowing so that i can head to Gatlinburg.

Please leave a comment here if you would be interested. But some of what used to be the best webcams, NEVER worked for a long, long time.

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