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Over coffee and lies about her identity and background, she told the man she was coming out of a bad marriage and grieving a dead brother ~ and so begins the confidence crime she and her extended family have pulled off so many times before, up and down the west coast.

Finally, as fate would have it, she's met someone she can really talk to, open up to, and enjoy life with again, she claims.

When Jacob and my dad returned to the area, conveniently, the paperwork had already been completed.

This detail didn’t raise concern for him, considering he’d already signed before leaving with Jacob. they were much faster than him, their hearing was much better, and they were professional con artists who knew what they were doing.

She tells him she needs money for rent, food, furniture, her business, or she needs surgery.

She may swindle him out of his life savings, often causing him to file bankruptcy. ~ from the San Jose Police Department The Gypsy livelihood is dependent upon people like you and I knowing nothing of the criminality inside their insular community.

Together, Tina Costello and her family bilk the man of his savings over the next few months, until he’s financially devastated.

The criminal element of the Rom Gypsies is well-known to law enforcement across the country for cases of fraud, theft, swindles and other bunco-related crimes commonly perpetrated against the elderly and others in vulnerable positions in their lives.

The ‘chance meeting' at Sam's Club began a downward spiral in his life that would end with her stealing everything this hard-working man had worked his whole life for. My dad, having been widowed for several years at this point, enjoyed Tina's company and looked forward to spending all his time with her.

With thousands of Rom Gypsies in numerous cities across America, law enforcement estimates that of ‘Sweetheart Swindles’ in particular, only about one in 10 are ever reported to police - most generally at the urging of family members who discover too late that the victim's finances have been depleted.

Targeting primarily elderly and vulnerable adults, oftentimes victims who do report these crimes make very bad witnesses; many being unable to recall faces and details of their case due to advanced age, and others unable to recognize that a scam has even occurred.

My dad did understand he was buying a car on that day, but was told it would be his.

The family had him wire ,000 from his bank account and went to San Tan Ford in Gilbert.

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