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Great caravans of home seekers marched over the old highways and many of them settled in present-day Sabine Parish.

In the years that followed, small settlements began to make their appearances throughout the parish.

English speaking settlers from the older eastern states began moving into the section during the westward expansion years before the boundary was established.

They settled on Spanish grants known as Rio Hondo claims.

Since then the parish boundaries have remained unchanged. During the American Civil War, Sabine Parish provided considerable support for units formed in the parish. Winters in The Civil War in Louisiana (1963), describes Sabine as "a poor piney-hill parish [which] met earlier obligations to her men by voting funds for the Sabine Rifles, Sabine Rebels, Sabine Volunteers, and Jordan's Company, and sent 0 to another company already departed for the front.

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The San Antonio Trace and El Camino Real extended from Natchitoches Parish westward directly across Sabine Parish into East Texas.The parish was created at a time when America had entered upon a new era of progress.A government survey in 1831 laid out the Sabine area in townships and sections and this, together with the clearing of the Red River "raft" by Henry Miller Shreve, in 1838, opened the Red River to steamboat traffic and gave impetus to the colonization of the area.Steamboats began running on the Sabine River in 1830, and by 1850 heavy traffic was carried on the Sabine.Popular landing points were Columbus, East Pendleton and Carter's Ferry.

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