Dating an alcholic

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Jewel, You are very smart for reaching out to friends and family...

Boy the people here can tell you stories of their addicts. We all hurt and are healing from what they have done to us.

If I may ask, why are you so sure that this barely-recovering, dry-drunk alcoholic is ideal relationship material for you?

Because he is nice to you and likes to do things outside?

If this relationship was meant to be give him is space to work his program, you join alanon and see how to work your program and see what happens in 6 months. I am only speaking from 34 years of with an addict. He was enthralled with her and their relationship was a very typical enmeshed alcoholic/codependent dance (she had alcohol and food issues and they were very codependent on one another).A's are selfish people when they drink and when they are working a program, no doubt about it.You have to understand addicts love one thing and one thing only, their drugs or alcohol.He began treating my brother and me as second class citizens in order to prove his love and loyalty to her because we were reminders that he'd been married before (she had too, three times, but that never got brought up, oddly enough).Her daughter lived with them full time and was treated like an only child.

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