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But how often do families consider the state of their mental health? Others, however, consider it a “day on” for volunteering.

The truism, “Prevention is better than cure,” applies to mental well-being as well as physical. Read Full Article Some kids might think of Martin Luther Day Jr. MLK Day, which became a federal holiday in 1983, also was designated a National Day of Service in 1994.

And so, we raise the red flag when a child is constantly playing alone at recess. Read Full Article ’Tis the season to be merry, but for grievers the holidays are fraught with emotions and decision making may be complicated.

Coby Bird, who has autism, was one of those children. Families are reminded that the children are grieving, too.

Its drama has been played out in folkore, literature and film.

In the animal kingdom, many newborns shun their siblings as a form of survival.

It includes traditional chickpea hummus, black bean hummus and this edamame hummus. You may imagine a yoga studio with clean lines, soft lighting and bamboo floors.

A., is weaving yoga and mindfulnness into its curriculum, which aims for an intentional...

Read Full Article Having kids changed the way Hollywood designer and entertaining expert Gina Wade decorates her own home.

Her husband, Phil, has been a personal trainer for 25 years, and together he and Michelle opened their own health club – Breakthru Fitness – in 1998. Read Full Article It’s the season of colds, flu – and cough. D., a pediatric pulmonologist at Dignity Health – St. Folks show up early to stake a spot in the studio before it overflows. They bob their heads along to her always-banging music, even when that third set of burpees and lunges makes their muscles scream.

Mary Medical Center in Long Beach, reminds parents to watch out for rhinovirus (the common cold), as well as respiratory syncytial virus, which can be truly dangerous in younger children. “I know you came to work hard, or else you wouldn’t be here,”...

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