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From the 8th century, the Umayyad dynasty controlled the region until the early 11th century.‎) during Muslim rule.The invasion of Badajoz by Christian rulers in 1086 under Alfonso VI of Castile, overturned the rule of the Moors.Their victory forced the king of Portugal to desert the city and it fell into neglect.In medieval times, the Sánchez de Badajoz family dominated the area as the lords of Barcarrota, near Badajoz, acquiring the property in 1369 when it was granted to Fernán Sánchez de Badajoz by Enrique II.With reason to assert their rights to the Portuguese Crown, Philip II of Spain briefly moved his court to Badajoz in August 1580.Queen Anne of Austria died in the city two months later, and on 5 December 1580, Philip moved out of the city.Despite the failure at the breaches, the castle and another section of undamaged wall had been attacked and the town was successfully taken by the British.The victorious troops massacred about 4,000 Spanish civilians.

Those affected by the plague epidemic were treated here in 1506.In addition to an invasion by the Almoravids of Morocco in 1067, Badajoz was later invaded by the Almohads in 1147.Shortly after its conquest, in the time of Alfonso X the Wise of Castile, a bishopric see was established and work was initiated on the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista.After the reconquista, the area was disputed between Spain and Portugal for several centuries with alternating control resulting in several wars including the Spanish War of Succession (1705), the Peninsular War (1808–1811), the Storming of Badajoz (1812), and the Spanish Civil War (1936). Badajoz is the see of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mérida-Badajoz.Prior to the merger of the Diocese of Mérida and the Diocese of Badajoz, Badajoz was the see of the Diocese of Badajoz from the bishopric's inception in 1255.

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