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Burst: when a Secret comes into contact with a Scub emergence, a Burst occurs which, according to the Secrets is when localised space around the Coral is destroyed (Episode 20).The size of a Burst is four times the "size" of the Scub Coral and the Secret put together (Episode 4).This has always been their prerogative with their unsaid mission in 2025 to remove the Quartz from Scub Emergences.This directive is changed by Christophe in September 2025 when a new deal is struck with the Secrets with Japan as underwriters.A natural by-product of the Coral's metabolism is trapar (Episode 14) which is primarily used as an energy source when a "Plant" is set up around the Coral.In there are two states for Scub Coral: Emergence: when the Coral appears in the present time, sometimes with objects from its origin embedded within it - either coincidentally or purposely as Eureka explains with regards the Gekko Go (Episode 13).

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A conglomerate of nations with both the US and Japan confirmed as members with Britain, France and Germany as other likely candidates. The mandate of the Allied forces is unknown though likely set up due to the threat of Scub Bursts throughout history.Both Rebeckah Halstrom and Stanley are members of Big Bleu World sent to oversee operations and maintain their employer's interests.Only shown once in the series (Episode 4) as a generic, formless protest / counter-culture group.2 VOSTFR Classica Loid - Saison 2 Episode 15 VOSTFR Yu-Gi-Oh!and "the future" is anything that happens forward of them. Coral) are shorthand for their longer form (Scub Coral) but are left lowercase when possible (e.g. Episode number references for the relevant information are used in case of translation differences and for general housekeeping.

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