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As system integrators progress through higher levels of certification, program benefits increase.

In order to advance through the program, each integrator must demonstrate competency and enthusiasm for the product.

The latest addition - SKYWAN 5G - highlights unique features, from flexible topologies (star to mesh networks) and powerful performance to its compact portable design.

Our offerings range from wide-area satcom networks, smaller corporate networks, SNG vehicles, antenna subsystems, COTM & COTP, portable Fly Away systems as well as uplink components such as TWTAs and up- and down-converters.

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You will no longer need to re-enter time data in Quick Books and check for duplicates, and thus, speed up the billing and tax calculations when the time for bookkeeping comes.

One of our 12 Hot Products spotted at Info Comm this year was the Avid VENUE S6L Live Sound Console.

Aside from its stellar looks, the console has a wide use application in the house of worship and staging and rental applications markets.

The show’s Audio Pavilion was placed at the opposite end of the hall from the year before because of the need for more space.

That was reflected in how a number of manufacturers lined up system components from large line-array and point-source elements through ceiling and surface-mount speakers, emphasizing a consistent sonic experience throughout the environment.

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