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We have gathered 28 tried and proven methods to guide you in marketing your app effectively.

These steps will only cost you time and we are confident that if you follow them, you will have a significant increase in a number of followers and downloads then you have now. Marketing your app starts long before you ever bring it to market.

Before you start telling your development team to start building out your app with a million different things, reach out to your customers and talk to them.

After all, you want to make sure that whatever you are building, is going to be just right for them You can begin to reach out to your customers by first creating list of every single person you have ever sold to and even those who have only signed up to your newsletter.

Which inherently is never a bad thing, products should be as value driven and high-quality as possible.

The problem is that the value of those products are not promoted as effectively as they should be.

A haven in which your dedicated audience always has access to you in one simple click.

Your app is a space wholly customizable to their needs.

Instead of thousands of people flooding the app store to download the app, they receive about a dozen.Yet as silly as it may seem to read this example, this is exactly the type of mistakes I see many business owners make.All of their resources are focused on creating exceptional products.Imagine a new restaurant opening down the street in your neighborhood.The restaurant opens up its doors bright and early without telling a soul.

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