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Note that this is limited to boss-type monsters and does not include the little peons like Bullfango and those thieving Melynxes. UPDATE 6: Key Quest information is steadily posting in Japan, y’all!

I’m starting to update this guide as I speak, starting with the Guild Hall G Rank quests as I assume that’s what most folks are interested in.

UPDATE 5: Monster Hunter XX is almost upon us (yay! Unfortunately, I got sent two copies of MHX instead due to an order mix up (boo! Now I’ve got my fingers crossed that my return does not get lost in the mail or I’m out 0-plus.

In the meantime, I’m seriously considering just downloading the digital version. Postal Services product tracking page, one of the two Monster Hunter X games I ordered from Japan finally arrived.

At some point early in the game when you talk to this village chief, you will unlock the 2-star mission “Slay the Giaprey! Finish that and you will then be able to talk to the chief again to unlock another 2-star quest, “The Mountain Rough Rider!

Stomping Grounds | 古代林の大怪鳥Main: Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku (イャンクック) 1800z Sub: Deliver 2 Ancient Berries (古代木の実) 300z Crustacean Frustration | 砂に潜む巨大蟹!Main: Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur (ダイミョウザザミ) 2400z Sub: Slay 8 Hermitaurs (ウザザミ) 1200z The Desert Gourmand | 砂上のテーブルマナーMain: Hunt a Nibelsnarf (ハプルボッカ) 2700z Sub: Wound Nibelsnarf’s front legs, 300z Tumultuous Sprouts | 波乱の萌芽Main: Deliver 8 Abyssal Mushrooms— Unlocked by clearing “Stomping Grounds” and “Crustacean Frustration.”Robbed Blind | 毒怪鳥ゲリョスを追え!Main: Hunt a Gypceros (ゲリョス) 2100z Sub: Wound Gypceros’ crest— Unlocked by talking to the Bherna Village chief after clearing “Tumultuous Sprouts” quest.| 脅威!火山の鉄槌!Main: Hunt a Jay Leno, er, an Uragaan Sub: Wound Jay Leno’s, er, Uragaan’s jaw The Unwavering Colossus | 峨々たる巨獣Main: Hunt a Gammoth (ガムート/Gamuuto) 5100z Sub: Wound Gammoth's legs, 900z— Took me a while to figure this out in the Japanese version but my early toiling is now your gain.This basically requires you to do quests from the Pokke Village chief to unlock.It will then show up on the Bherna Gal quest lady’s 1-star quest menu.URGENT: Vaulting Outlaw | 跳躍のアウトローMain: Hunt a Great Maccao (ドスマッカォ) 900z Sub: Slay 5 Maccao (マッカォ) 600z— Finish this quest to unlock 2-star Bherna Village quests.

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