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[bracketed words added] * A beast-mode scent in pretty much all aspects * Lasts 24-48 hours on clothes * Only appears to be marketed now in the 75ml bottle from 2015 [and may too have been reformulated - I have yet to try my 75ml bottle] * Sources seem to be drying up for this scent since 2015 * One of the few florals that has been created utilizing the ideal heavy, non-glass bottle type to aid longevity storage * There is a weaker 'cologne' version, and it appears the original may now be out of production - uncertain Rating: Scent: 9/10 Versatility: 6/10 Longevity 8.5/10 Projection: 8/10 Sillage 8/10 Rating Average: 7.9/10 Recommendation: Sample first Endorsing comment: You'll either love it or hate it!

I think this is possibly the best from Francis Kurkdjian.

Obviously, others may voted Fleur du Male reminds them of Reflection'll have to read the reviews (hope they weren't deleted by the Reflection Man trolls) because that's the only way to glean this information. If you don't believe..that Reflection Man reminds your of Le Male, Fleur du Male, Cuba Gold (etc.) and she how long it takes one of these rubes to create another account and vote you down.

I did a blind-buy of Fleur du Male (Fd M) back in 2013 because it was inexpensive and a fragrance created by perfume extraordinaire, Maison Francis Kurkjian. However, I've grown to love and appreciate Fd M and feel that it's a brilliant quality scent even though it's not my style.

I was a little worried this was going to be a little too feminine for my liking but its simply a beautiful clean floral scent. Scent: 7/10 Performance: 9/10 Sillage:9/10 Compliment factor:7/10 I like this fragrance !!

One of the hugest openings I have encountered from a fragrance, 2 sprays and I was captivated by this scents minimalist beautiful presence. Im not your macho type of man but this is definitely not something i will never wear. Fleur du male is one of the few flankers I like much more than the mother fragrance. Kurkdjian knew how to make a fragrance where he combines classic perfection with avant-garde, risking with a complicated drying, and as a result I find a very beautiful, compact and unique mixture that can only be achieved With a mind like that of Gaultier.

08.7/10.0 - Scent(Top)/Aroma(Topo) 08.9/10.0 - Scent(Mid)/Aroma(Meio) 09.1/10.0 - Scent(Base)/Aroma(Base) 10.0/10.0 - Uniqueness/Singularidade 10.0/10.0 - Longevity/Longevidade 09.8/10.0 - Sillage/Rastro 03.7/10.0 - Versatility/Versatilidade 09.0/10.0 - Presentation/Apresentação -------------------------------------------------------------------- 09.0/10.0 - Total Personal notes!

/Muito único para o mercado "masculino" convencional e seu desempenho é monstruoso.Unfortunately, the danger is from getting my ass-kicked, lunch money taken, and man-card revoked for smelling like a cuck with flowers in his hair.(LOL) I just don't feel this is a very manly scent..still love it.This could be a future classic imo, Kurkdjian is a true master of his craft he has blended a few notes into a magical captivating potion. Kurkdjian very skillfully wished to take this note so potent and marked that he makes with the agreement of the neroli to the more masculine side of the flower, combines perfectly with other substances and manages to produce from the middle notes a clean shirt effect freshly ironed with some shades of Hay and amber, also uses the density of the woods with a marked musky floral aroma like the use of Hedione and Iso E, combines it with a mixture of musks and as a result we obtain this beautiful and clever dried floral aroma with an effect Clean freshly ironed shirt and a dry finale with light soap scent.One of the more unique scents I have encountered a great added dynamic to my wardrobe. This effect, although it gives us another sensation, is tremendously masculine.

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