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"Yeah look at that little bitch, I told you he would come around." Mike said still plunging his cock into my ass. "Oh yeah I'm going to cum." The guy said with his cock in my mouth.He reached down and held me firmly onto his cock as it erupted filling my mouth.I of course had thought about it; what would it be like to suck another mans cock, but I would never act on it. Their muscular bodies still glistened with sweat from what ever they were doing before this.Thoughts raced around my head, but I was interrupted. The true gravity of the situation didn't hit until they dropped their boxers.A large gob of saliva landed on my ass, and the cock in my mouth was pulled away, and for good reason.

" Unfortunately the decision was pretty much made for me, there was no way I could fight them off, I was only about 5'5", 110lbs, and despite my best efforts always had a more feminine figure than I wished, which was only enhanced by my almost hairless body. His head turned and our tongue's met, it lasted just a couple seconds and he pulled away with a trail of saliva following. "Time for a taste." He brought it close to my mouth, I opened up and he forced in.

These guys on the other hand were all over six feet tall and very muscular, at least 180 to 200lbs, and just one of them could easily over power me. "Yeah, you are going to be just fine." He said with a smile. I gagged a little but it didn't detour him, and with a hand on the back of my head he held the cock deep in my throat. I finally pushed away, gasping for air and wiping tears from my eyes.

"I thought you were going to go easy." I said between breaths "This is going easy." He said and the others laughed.

"Now you've got some other cocks to suck, better get to work." I was still sitting on the bench that was located between the lockers; my face was right at waist height so the guys moved in.

I wrapped my mouth around the first cock and did the best I could, trying to imitate what I had seen in pornos and on the internet. "That's it, mmm yeah, suck that big cock." I continued until I felt another cock slapping the back of my head.

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