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Snapchat, the unofficial sexting app where you can send photos and videos that vanish into the cosmos after a few seconds, has grown significantly over the past few years.

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When you tap on one, like ESPN, for example, you are shown clips of sports events from that day, and even some articles that discuss recent events.

Snapchat seems like the perfect medium for sending sexy photos.

The images self-destruct within seconds of being opened (except for when they don't), and users are automatically alerted when a recipient decides to take a screenshot (though there are loopholes to notification).

A significant proportion of people reported sending sensitive material at some point, with 14.2 percent saying they'd sexted another user experimentally in the past, and nearly a quarter of participants admitted to "joke sexting," or sending sexual or pseudo-sexual snaps in jest.

But the researchers classified joke sexting as a separate category, likely because it falls more in line with the dominant type of Snapchat usage: "sending funny things."Nearly 60 percent of respondents claimed "funny things" as their primary reason for snapping, while selfies, other people and current activities were runners up.

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