Timeline backdating

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May be eligible in VRG sports-racing class if constructed of components manufactured before the cut-off date, The eligible cars described above, will be subdivided into VRG Classes.

Please note that classification will be based on performance potential of the specific year, make, model, and options and may not correspond rigidly to a displacement guideline for the class.

Provisional Drivers will be required to affix “rookie” stripes to their cars.

Those wishing to obtain a signature form can apply directly by sending a driving “resume” to the Chief Instructor, or by attending a VRG Driver’s School.We intend for our rules to be similar to those of other major vintage-race sanctioning bodies in the region, so that drivers need not make extensive changes to existing cars in order to participate with our club.for our general philosophy regarding safety, driving behavior, and performance modifications.These rules include our requirements, and numerous recommendations.Recommended items are not strictly required, but such recommendations should be given serious consideration by the car owner and driver.

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