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While psychologists typically refrain from diagnosing someone from afar, some say Weinstein -- who is accused of sexually assaulting a string of actresses over the years -- fits the profile of a sexual predator, not an addict.'I think you can control your impulses.He just decided not to do so,' said Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles.But when it comes to treating sex addiction -- and such programs are offered at hundreds of clinics across the United States, costing between ,000 and ,000 -- some experts are dubious.'There is no evidence that sex addiction treatment actually works,' said David Ley, a psychologist in New Mexico and author of the book 'The Myth of Sex Addiction.''After 40 years, there is not a single published study that shows that sex addiction treatment has a positive effect or actually help people change their sexual behavior,' he told AFP.Ley says sex addiction is often just an excuse for avoiding personal responsibility.'Sex addiction is a concept that has been used to explain selfish, powerful, wealthy men engaging in irresponsible sexual behavior for a long time.'He pointed to a study done in Europe recently that looked at people in a sex addiction treatment program and 'showed that 90 percent of them have another major mental health condition,' and that sexual behaviors were merely symptoms.It was an older clip, late '90s, but it was perfect. The Houston 500 stars the buxom blonde Houston, born Kimberly Halsom, taking on a reportedly 620 men in an uninterrupted frenzy hosted by Ron Jeremy. I’m sure many of my past lovers can attest to my insatiability, my unrealistic demands and my frustration if I was denied. When I met my husband, I encountered another kind of sexual experience. I now know that pleasure can be born out of emotional intimacy and love — two things I didn't see in my kind of porn, and two things I certainly wasn't getting during all those years I was so frantically self-pleasuring but haunted by self-loathing instead. I don’t want to convert anyone, and I definitely don’t consider masturbation to be wrong.The filming was done in a garage, showing men taking turns mounting and finishing while the ticker goes up and Houston makes history in what was considered the world’s biggest gang bang. They would probably recall my emotional distance, my lack of eye contact and my inability to orgasm unless I used my hand or vibrator. Without the familiar crutch of porn and fantasy, I began to feel more relaxed, more connected, more present. Many people can watch porn in moderate amounts, just like many people can enjoy a glass of wine without needing the whole bottle. And it’s certainly not my place to vilify porn stars or rescue them from a job they might actually enjoy.

English comic actor Russell Brand, golfer Tiger Woods, rocker Ozzy Osbourne and actor Michael Douglas are among the high-powered celebrities who have proclaimed they were battling sex addiction -- after their philandering was revealed.

Therapists are also divided on whether sex addiction even exists.

The leading psychiatry reference, known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, updated in 2013, does not include sex addiction.

I watched Ron Jeremy finish her off as lucky number 620.

But after I’d put my computer away, I felt something different than the usual post-orgasm glow.

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