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Amazon’s proprietary ‘predictive shopping’ algorithm helps you shop by predicting what you might like to buy based on your purchasing patterns and the habits of others like you, and then sends these goods straight to you, before you even look at them online.

Sam Lavigne wants to simplify that purchasing process even more: he programmed an off-the-shelf brainwave scanner to record his brain activity in two different states: while shopping online and while thinking about his own mortality.

Looking at all these accumulated passwords, what stories do they tell us about the groups of people with similar passwords, or how they came up with them?

And if your password can be reverse-engineered to reveal something about you or others like you, how safe or unique is it really? Our smartphones, laptops and tablets are constantly openly broadcasting their unique identification signals to nearby wireless networks, especially when we look for new ones.

Your phone can keep your memories much longer than you can.

As artist James Bridle puts it, ‘This digital memory sits somewhere between experience and non-experience; it is also an approximation; it is also a lie.’ The data your smartphone tracks and stores about where you go and where you’ve been has the highest value for data brokers because it gives them a detailed map of your behaviour and your social graph, but it is also an approximation based on the device’s way of seeing and the invisible infrastructure it communicates with.

And, unlike the current systems, it will help you to get paid for that profitable labour. This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts – National University of Tres de Febrero and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, with support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Imagine an online shopping service that sends products to your home before you’ve even thought about ordering them.

Then he wore the machine while sleeping and let it connect to his computer to make purchases for him while he dreamt.

This interactive exhibit gives you the chance to help make the algorithm even better. Can the computer tell if you’re thinking about shopping or death?

Millions of users looking to have extramarital affairs had their data exposed when the infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked in 2015.

At the Institute of Human Obsolescence, artist and activist Manuel Beltrán investigates how the data we produce is already a form of productive labour.

Data Production Labour offers you the chance to visualise your contribution to the Big Data economy just by scrolling through your social media feed.

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